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Brick City Bricks is a family owned and operated business, that all started as a dream. Thanks to the support of our family and friends, that dream has become a reality. We love being in downtown Plant city and being part of this wonderful community. It is a pleasure to be able to be part of a business, that at times is challenging, but most of all a fun and amazing experience. 

My son Jordan, one of the inventors and the face of Brick City Brick (because he says he is better looking), returned home from completing his service in the army and wanted nothing more than to help his father start this business. I will always be grateful for the help he provides us. My wife Sandi, is also 100% committed to the success of this business. Brick City Bricks would have not become a reality without her love and support.

Greg & Sandi



The brains, the leaders of awesome. Building fun and adventures for kids and adults alike. Avid supporters of the community and a little slice of home in Downtown Plant City.



Builder, creator and All American Hero. Saving lives, building bricks, and taking names. Also takes shelter pups out for walks around downtown to promote adoptions. AWESOME


Rockstar builder? Check. Crazy creative? Double Check. Got an idea? Need a custom build? He's got your back! Such a valuable and integral member of our AWESOME family!